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This service is needed for musical works, during the performance of which the voice of only one person sounds.

$ 25


This service is needed for musical compositions, during the performance of which the voices of two / three people sound.

$ 30


This service is needed for musical compositions, during the performance of which the voices of 4 or more people sound.

$ 50


This is the perfect package for anyone looking for live instrumental.

$ 150

minimum price


This is the perfect package for anyone looking for electronic instrumental music.

$ 100

minimum price

Original Song

Arranging your own original music of any genre and complexity

$ 250

minimum price


Vocal tuning of any complexity and length.

$ 3

per track


Vocal timing of any complexity and length.

$ 3

per track

Artificial harms

Artificial harmonies from your main vocals. This service is suitable for those who cannot hear harmony or who sing poorly.

$ 10

Harms Guide

Harmony Guide in MIDI format of any complexity and length.

$ 20

Vocal Production

This service is necessary for those people who need the correct supervision of the recording of your song. I will tell you how you need to record vocals, which parts you need to record and where exactly. You will also receive a free harmonies guide or artificial harmonies to choose from.

$ 60

Loop Streaming BGM

Writing background music of any complexity and length

$ 100

minimum price

Custom Intro/Debut Trailer

We will make you a beautiful audio for your trailer or debut

$ 150

minimum price


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Villain Vibes
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Gravitic Love
The Disease Called Love
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Saturday Night
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Heart kiss
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anime girl


I had a last-minute cover that needed mixing within a day, and RERO was able to deliver it not only within the short timeframe but with excellent quality! RERO is very easy to work with and mixes with care and a thoughtful receptiveness towards your feedback. Definitely will be coming back again!

22 January 2022

#Mix #Tune #Time


迅速に作業して頂きとても助かりました。 初めて海外の方にMIXしてもらったためedit面なども不安でしたが問題なく、こなして頂けました!

13 January 2022

#Mix #Tune #Time


Amazing work ethic, reasonable prices, and will give updates and statuses on how your project is coming along. Highly recommended!!

14 January 2021


Nicki Gee

Rero's quality is incredibly great, their custom instrumentals are spot-on, and their mixes sound so professional! They also work incredibly fast .

02 February 2021


Koda Ellis

Rero is a fantastic sound engineer! Very quick, timely and always looking forward to any feedback. He takes his work seriously, and it shows.

26 January 2021

#Mix #Tune #Time


RERO is both a skilled mixer and an efficient mixer. I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for someone to commission.

1 June 2021



rero works incredibly fast and is a pleasure to work with! the quality of their work is fantastic as well. highly recommend!

17 February 2021

#Mix #Tune #Time


Responsible guy with great enthusiasm. His job quickly and efficiently. The result is always perfect! My recommendations.

5 June 2021


Nika Lenina

Rero is a very relieable mixer who work hand in hand with you. The result of his work is perfectly splendid. He is able to mix different genres and brings out the full potential of the vocals in his work. The blend is so good that you even think that the cover is a original. I recommend to commission him else you miss out a experience.

31 December 2021

#Mix #Time